Tackling common data challenges

Data – every business has it, but not every business is currently making use of it to the best effect. Sometimes it’s because that data is stored across disparate systems that simply won’t talk to each other. Sometimes it’s because the accuracy of that data cannot be relied on, so reports aren’t of much value.

At KETL, we come across all sorts of barriers to using data effectively – these are a few of the most common. If you’ve got a data challenge that we haven’t mentioned below, get in touch and we can find a solution.

Your Challenges

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Businesses that want to innovate and work more efficiently need to be data-driven. Having a robust data strategy will enable a business to make decisions based on data insight and not just intuition. More >

Project Manager

Managing an integration project is an opportunity to help implement a key element to a business’s data strategy. The task is likely to be high profile and could involve multiple delivery partners. More >


As technology teams become more and more about supporting revenue generation it is clear that the basics need to be covered. Business teams expect and require reporting as and when they need it. More >

BI Manager

BI managers have to juggle the ability of the team to connect the correct data sources to create reports for the rest of the business with the pressure on the teams to produce the reports faster and faster. More >

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