Are you using your data to support your business teams?

If your Executive Board cannot get a regular overview of some key business metrics then it will inevitably lead to frustration and could impact revenue growth. Equally, if your reporting cycle is taking up huge amounts of time, of expensive analyst resources then it will be cost effective for you to invest in your reporting data model.

We would recommend that you start by thinking about the information that it would be useful to have in a report; think about how often the report should be updated; decide to on who the audience of the report is going to be. Our reporting data model would consider all these aspects and map the different source data to each other.

Once your marketing team know which customer cohorts are providing you with the best margin you know which audience types to target in subsequent campaigns. Now your supply chain team have a real time view of product movement then you can optimise costs around stock purchasing and storage.

Each of your business teams will want to digest the BI reporting in a slightly different way. This is perfectly possible with modern BI tools. Information can also be embedded for internal or external consumption. But the data model will mean that everyone is querying and reporting from the same underlying data.

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