How can you access and provide accurate data to your stakeholders?

Sharing information about some of the critical measures that you use to take the temperature of your company can be a tricky topic. Not only do you have to decide who can and who cannot see specific information but some people in your team need information in a different format to others. For Executive or Board reports you will need to provide key metrics in a quick glance format that will paint an instant picture for the senior team. Data reporting is no longer a nice to have but a must have for every organisation.

Data reporting tools have advanced greatly over the last 5 years with the ability to embed reports for both internal and external audiences. The best way to draw insights from data is to have it available anytime and anywhere to the business teams that understand its value to decision making. Spreadsheet data is hard to spot trends or spikes but if you use the right types of BI reports then you can display the data in a meaningful way to the audience that is using it most frequently.

How can you tell if it is time for your organisation to consider investing in your data reporting infrastructure? Have a look at some of the use cases and challenges that are outlined here so that you can see if any of them apply to you.

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