As technology teams become more and more about supporting revenue generation it is clear that the basics need to be covered. Business teams expect and require reporting as and when they need it. Technology teams should be seen as enablers.

BI reports not being used

If your BI team are spending many days compiling reports that have missing or partial data from separate source data systems then individual business teams will create a parallel reporting infrastructure. This can lead to what we refer to as ‘feral files’. This makes it impossible to ensure good data governance and it means that reports are not maintaining a history of change.

Your data isn't good enough

In an ideal world your management team would see data as a key company asset. But if your customer data platform is not providing a frictionless experience then you will be losing sales and the reputational damage, internally and externally, will take a toll. Getting the basic data governance in place will act as a foundation layer for your data strategy. Regulatory compliance is a key factor in data quality and data governance best practice will ensure that you can demonstrate privacy by design at the core of your data strategy. A good data model will consider the cost to the business of poor quality data.

You're losing key staff

Analysts, data scientists, data engineers, BI specialists and other data resources are expensive. If they are spending their time doing repetitive tasks they are not providing best value to the business and they will get fed up and leave. It is not a question of having the latest gadget but more about having the right tool for the right level of reporting. Career enhancing skills are going to be of benefit to the business. If senior analysts know that the business they work for is forward thinking they are more likely to remain in post.

You need to keep up

If reports are taking days to load or compile then it is frustrating for all concerned. This means that the stock position is unknown and money could be wasted or sales made at discounted prices unnecessarily. A poor data strategy could be costing you in terms of software and platform license costs too. Often we find businesses are using multiple systems to perform similar tasks. If your data reporting model does not consider information from all of the core systems that you use as a business then the management reporting will of course be missing key information that could be stopping your company from expanding, merging or innovating.

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