Project Managers

Managing an integration project is an opportunity to help implement a key element to a business’s data strategy. The task is likely to be high profile and could involve multiple delivery partners. Often integration projects will have a hard deadline involving license expiry dates and or business cycles that need to be planned for. Luckily we have done this before and we are here to help.

Implementing a reporting project

Although data is used throughout organisations it is often not well understood. Creating and then implementing a Data Strategy is not an easy task! Often we find that a project manager has been assigned to deliver a data integration implementation without a clear picture of how the resources are going to be made available. We recognise this and work with our clients’ project managers to backfill resources and expertise as required. You can read our top tips for a Single Customer View project implementation in our Retail Data Guide.

Building your profile and credibility

Managing any project is full of complexity. We understand that a project manager may well have taken on the role to help them to build their reputation within their organisation. Delivering a project well and with the right levels of communication with the business teams is essential in a data infrastructure project. Data needs to be constantly available and it makes people nervous if there are delays to their reports or their daily checks.

You need support and expertise

Most businesses will not undergo migration and data integration projects on a regular basis. This is why these kinds of projects can seem daunting and full of complexity. Luckily, here at KETL we have been involved in these projects a lot. We help you to think about the end to end project implementation and advise you on data architecture principles, good practice for cutover planning and database management during migration.

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