Interview: My First Year at KETL

Josh how long have you been working at KETL?

I started working at KETL in October 2014 so nearly a year now. It has been busy and I have learnt so much though that it feels like I have been here a lot longer!

Did you have any work experience before you started working here?

I worked part time as a warehouse assistant at the furniture retailer, IKEA, whilst I was studying at university. I also had a number of short internships within IT and Business industries, including, NFU Mutual, BT and at a website search engine optimization (SEO) consultancy. I was keen to explore different options within a variety of industries to try to get a handle on what career path I’d enjoy following and which jobs I would be the most successful doing.

What were some of the most important factors for you in choosing your graduate employer? (E.g. salary, location, training, benefits etc.)

As with anyone just graduating or starting the search for a graduate job, I soon became aware of how much employers stress the importance of experience as well as skills. Because of this, I wanted to find a job where I’d have the flexibility to develop myself and decide upon my own career path over time. I didn’t want to get pigeonholed into one particular role whilst I was still unsure of where I wanted to end up. I did not want to be moulded by a large corporate graduate scheme that may have made it more difficult for me to adjust my career path at a future date.

Ian [Director at KETL] made it clear right from the start that I’d have scope and input on what I’d like to do to establish my consultancy career, from choosing the training courses, to helping to target the type of projects we wanted to pitch for. In return, he asked for the right attitude and enthusiasm towards the job and our clients.

What have you enjoyed the most about working at KETL?

The best thing about my job is its diversity. Because KETL is a small business I have been given the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and meet people in positions throughout our client companies. Although my job title is, data management consultant, I’ve worked on multiple concurrent projects with varying technical and business focus. On some projects I am the sole developer whilst on others I am an advisor and then at the same time working with another client as a systems tester!

What aspects of working full time have you found the most challenging?

Diversity is the answer to this question too! I enjoy the diversity but at the same time it is a challenging aspect of the job. At first it was difficult getting to grips with the experience gap that I had compared to my colleagues. But, as I became more confident, I was able to make up for my lack of experience by my ability to learn fast. Sometimes it is daunting to know how much knowledge and experience I have yet to gain. So over the last year I have come to see that this challenge is the reason I enjoy my job.

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