Consumer Marketing Project

RAC genuinely love their customers, and take pride in providing an excellent service.

Legacy systems were inhibiting the improvement to services and needed to be replaced.

The Project

Data Analysis

KETL provided data analysis resources for the RAC team. We helped by finding the data and resolving all of the intricacies of the database schema containing entire customer histories across multiple vehicles, beneficiaries, addresses and agreements.

Next we carried out cohort analysis identifying where products, sales channels, pricing boundaries assumed do not necessarily fit the new model.

Data Profiling

KETL carried out data profiling to determine the field sizes, availability/consistency and assisting with the mapping of data fields to the new platform.

Data Quality  

KETL also put in place a data quality framework to cleanse and enrich legacy vehicle data to improve service delivery options.

KETL designed the extract routines, business dependencies, reporting ensuring retention, errors corrected and customer journey unaffected by migration. This involved:


  • Upgrading payment process with third party integration.
  • Designing and developing migration pricing engine that replicated existing pricing (complex including manual discounts, automated discounts, etc) to allow RAC to decouple existing product model and provide core service plus add-ons in new system.
  • Technically challenging due to product bundling, price variations, operator discounts and many other factors.
  • Producing routines to carry out AB price testing.

The Outcome

The existing marketing system platform was at the end of life and no longer supportable. This was a business risk and no longer sustainable. The new platform took away that risk.

The new platform means that the marketing team can now cope with the demands of more competitive customer segmentation requirements that will allow increased service offerings and cross-selling opportunities to be identified.

When people go above and beyond, it really makes a difference, and the RAC really appreciates it. 


Why was KETL chosen?

KETL was asked to undertake the migration due to our experience of building data warehouses and in carrying out other legacy migrations.

About the RAC

The RAC is the motorist’s champion, and campaigns to support the interests of members and UK motorists at a national level. This includes advancing levels of road safety and voicing concerns about the increasing cost of motoring.