Your data can be a powerful tool, as it holds the
insight you need to drive your business forward.
The only thing stopping you from using it effectively,
is knowing how to put it all together.

Don’t waste your
data. Clekt it.

Every business understands that data is the lifeblood of their operation. Being ‘data driven’ means being agile, responsive and ‘always on’.

While the flow of data never stops, when it comes to harnessing and translating it into real actionable information, it’s often hard to know where to start. With a simple monthly plan you can put your data to work with Clekt, giving your business the power of data science in an easy to manage package.

Kyero Property.

We help people find their sunshine

International property market specialists Kyero know that their future lies in data. Their online service for the overseas ‘dream home’ sales and rental market relies on a range of complex data sources to deliver smarter search results to the sector.

The team rely on the Clekt platform not only to find the answers they need from their data, but to make sure they are asking the right questions. With a trusted, expert data service they can depend on, they can be sure they are building the best picture for their business.

Everything you need, ordered, sorted, and all in one place.

Every single day, your business accumulates more data – different sources, different systems, different formats. The challenge you face is bringing this information together in a meaningful way, equipping you with everything you need for the journey ahead. The Clekt data platform allows you to unpack, organise and make the best use of what you have, whatever your direction of travel.

Your data daily: a simple payment plan.

The best plans are made to be changed and that’s never more true than when your business is in a phase of discovering new territory. The Clekt platform means you can adapt your route, taking an agile and iterative approach to driving value from your data, all within one planned, monthly cost.

Clekt is available as a flexible and scalable monthly
subscription,  designed to suit you.

Talk to us about plan pricing. It may be less expensive
than you think to have your very own data team.

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