Professional Services.

At KETL, we love data because we know how important it is. We also know how to deliver it so you make the right decisions, and achieve great success. We also understand how frustrating it is when the data you need is contained in multiple silos, within the different systems, across your business. The good news is that we can help you; we have the knowledge, skills and experience required to deliver and implement the best data strategy for your business. Your only frustration then will be that you didn’t meet us earlier.

This is our Approach

How we Deploy our Professional Services

We recognise that some businesses would like to engage us to deliver the whole project life-cycle and others want to deploy certain aspects of our capability to add to their own resource pool, or indeed to work in conjunction with other 3rd parties. We are happy to take complete end-to-end responsibility and deliver a project for you, or we can provide you with an expanding and retracting pool of resource that will complement your own gene pool of data specialists. We can provide you with a quote to cover a whole deliverable, or to provide groups, or single resources on a time and materials basis if that works better. Flexibility is inherent at KETL.

Professional Services

One-off project implementation for all data solutions

Here’s What We Do