What does data accuracy mean?

There are several ways to measure data accuracy, often called data quality. The importance that each business gives to the different standards of accuracy will depend to a large extent on the nature of the industry, the way that the data is going to be used and the cost of improving the accuracy versus the revenue loss without the improvements.

Why you need it

Poor quality data can impact on revenue, it can cause significant reputational damage and it can incur penalties or wrath of regulators.

Data analysts are expensive resources and it takes a long time for those people to build up skills to include industry knowledge and the confidence to provide insight. If those resources are spending their time in data cleansing or data extracts on spreadsheets then they are wasting their time and they will leave.

Data Accuracy Technology

There are many tools on the market that can provide data quality automation that builds into the data integration the right rules around quality as defined by your business teams.

How we help you achieve data accuracy

We help you to create a good data model. This is the starting point for any data strategy. Many of the tools that help us to model the integration processes to merge data sources can also be used to automate data cleansing. We will work with you and ensure that the business value to different types of data is well understood. For example, some of your marketing data might not need to all be 100% accurate but your financial feeds will. The data model will now include the data quality requirement of a particular feed, how it will be merged with other systems and whether the feed will need to reflect the updated data quality in other source systems or reports.

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