What does data integration mean?

All of the data that is generated in your business will be more useful if it can talk with and to each other. So your key reporting dashboards will want to examine metrics that rely on data from different source systems. By integrating your disparate data sources in to one core reporting hub or data warehouse you can then look at operational data (finance, sales, accounting, ERP etc.) and customer data sources.

Why you need it

Data coming from different systems will be formatted in slightly different ways. Some of your source systems will be easier to ingest into reporting tools than others. By creating a data integration model you can ensure that the data is clean and formatted in the same way prior to being reported on. By designing a reporting data model in this way your whole business can be confident that the reports that you are building are based on a ‘true’ picture across the piste.

Data Integration Technology

The solutions for integration have improved and increased in number over the past few years. The level of integration that is required will determine the types of tools that will be used. Different tools will have different scenarios that they are better at than others. We will design the data model and then help you to decide on the best tool to select.

How we help you achieve integrated data

This is the how, where, when and how often section of the data model design. We will help you to identify the business requirements for the reporting. Does your data feed into reporting need to be real-time or once per day for example. We will also help you to examine the permissions required on some of the reports and personally identifiable data that might need anonymising. It is all about the model design and then once that has been completed we can use our agile methodology to start to build the solution.

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