What is a 'Single Customer View?

Often called a single view of the truth (SVOT). In a multichannel world, your business must have the ability to track customers, your communications and their transactions, when and wherever there is an interaction. This is the baseline requirement for providing an omnichannel customer experience that delivers improved customer service levels, higher conversion rates, greater average transaction values and more brand loyalty.

Product data is another essential for a single view. If you are a retailer and you do not have a single view of your products or inventory then you will not be able to control expenditure.

Why you need it

Without a true picture of your transactional data, your financial data and your customer interaction you cannot measure your progress. If your business teams disbelieve the reporting that is available then they will be reluctant to rely on it for informing their decisions on cost saving, growth or innovation. Your customer will become frustrated if your communications with them make it obvious that you don’t understand them and do not carefully record your separate interactions with them. You will lose staff and customers.

Single Customer View Technology

You might mistakenly believe that achieving a single view of your customer and a single view of your stock, will require a complete re-invention of your technology ecosystem. Is your EPOS system talking to your CRM and then updating your stock management tool?

This is a daunting prospect because of the associated high costs and even higher risks, but the truth is, the key challenge is data integration, and this just needs knowledge, skills and experience. It can be achieved without wholesale system and application changes, and it can be managed in a contained risk manner.

How we help you achieve a single view

We use a design a data mapping model to look at the transactions and interactions that occur between the source data systems. If you are a restaurant chain you might need to look at the transactional data (who paid for the meal) and then cross check that with the name on the discount voucher that was applied at point of payment. The two may be different. This complex data mapping is our thing and we use a cycle of design, develop and test to build a solution to enable disparate sources to talk to each other.

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