What does Systems Integration mean?

There are many terms that refer to systems integration, but the main way to think of it is that every time there is an arrow on a Systems Architecture diagram, that arrow is an integration. If you have a Salesforce CRM platform, a separate emailing solution, a point of sale tool and a customer service portal; you will need to get information from each of the systems to talk to each other and potentially trigger a response or reaction from one to another. A robust data integration model will acknowledge security and sign on protocols, it will timestamp the integration so that you know what data passed through where and when, it will ensure that data quality updates are reintegrated between systems where required.

Why you need it

By automating the processes to integrate data between systems means that you take away drudge and effort from the BI or analytics team that will save you time and money on lost productivity.

Systems Integration Technology

Once we have worked with you to design the data model we use integration tools to implement the model. There are a number of tools that will help us to create the right integration infrastructure and we will help you to evaluate the best options.

How we help you integrate your systems

The system integration data model will look at how you use your operating source data systems, the interactions between those systems and the way that the data will be used for analytics. A good example of why you would need an integration model is in the hospitality sector; if you have a group of 10 diners there are lots of scenarios where different operational data could come into play further down the customer journey. If your analysts want to find out who in that group paid for the bill you would need EPOS data, then someone else in the group redeemed a voucher so you would need the CRM data, then someone else tweeted about their experience – this should then go back to the CRM system to trigger a further invitation to attend a new store opening. Complex integration model required.

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