What is Talend?

The suite of Talend products has developed from an original Open Source product. Here at KETL we use Talend for data quality projects, for data integration and for data migration.

The Technology

The benefits

Talend is highly configurable and it enables business teams and developers to work together to translate business terms into a data model.

Client experience

Age UK chose Talend and were concerned that their experience in SSIS development would make the transition difficult but what it highlighted was the advantages of Talend including:

  • Intuitive and transparent model for process and data flow
  • Encourages modular development and code reuse
  • Ability to integrate external functionality
  • Far richer set of internal components
  • Better performance
  • TAC provides centralised control of deployment, job scheduling and reporting
  • Use profiling rule output to determine and prioritize which target correction can be automated to deliver maximum business benefit

About Talend

Talend, a leader in cloud integration, liberates data from legacy infrastructure to put more data to work for your business. Talend Cloud offers a single platform for data integration across cloud and on-premises environments.

Over 1,500 global enterprise customers have chosen Talend to put their data to work including GE, HP Inc., and Domino’s.